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Support Contacts for Data and Metadata

Contact details for data support services for the ENES data infrastructure

The ENES data support team collaborates closely with the ESGF community support team to answer your questions. The following summary provides an overview of the best contact adresses in case of problems and questions:

In case you have problems with CMIP5 and CORDEX data:

  • Please consult the brief instructions for access to CMIP5 or CORDEX data
  • Browse through our search and download pages and the ESGF/CoG User Tutorials.
  • For generic and technical problems, please contact esgf-user <at> lists.llnl.gov
  • For scientific questions contact cmip5-helpdesk <at> stfc.ac.uk


In case you are a data provider and want to make your data accessible via the ENES data federation:

  • Please contact cmip5-helpdesk <at> stfc.ac.uk or is-enes-support <at> dkrz.de

In case you have questions with respect to CIM metadata:

  • Please contact cmip5-helpdesk <at> stfc.ac.uk