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Beyond Single Questions

Overview of possibilities to contact the IS-ENES data community

In case you want further information beyond single questions, in particular get information continuously, you may try the following links:

Mailing lists

ListMain topicsSubscription
is-enes2-data <at> lists.enes.org Common list of all IS-ENES work packages concerning data Web form
esgf-user <at> lists.llnl.gov ESGF user support Send an email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] with the following in the body: "Subscribe esgf-user"

Internal mailing lists

ListMain topicsSubscription
is-enes2-dna <at> lists.enes.org Data node administration Web form


The GitHub page to collect the various repositories


ESGF aggregated RSS feed provides continuous information about ESGF data.

IS-ENES website

In addition to this portal we have our official website.