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The European HPC Ecosystem

“To out compute is to out compete" - The European HPC strategy

Over the last decades, the availability and usability of HPC systems has become one of the determining factors for the progress of science. The accuracy of the analysis, the quality of the results and the potential of national and international collaborations are more and more depending on the available computing infrastruture - not only in climate science, but in science in general.

Thus, the EU has set up an European HPC strategy and established a strong cooperation (based on contractual Public-Private Partnership on HPC (cPPP on HPC)) with the HPC stakeholders, represented by the the European Technology Platform for HPC (ETP4HPC). This cPPP on HPC has developed an ambitious R&I funding strategy based on three pillars, adressing

  • HPC facilities via the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), established since October 2012
  • HPC technologies via the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme
  • and HPC applications via the establishment of Centres of Excellence (CoEs), funded in the e-infrastructures programme.

To support and coordinate the collaboration and interactions of these 3 pillars, ETP4HPC together with PRACE and partners from the European Exascale Software Initiative (EESI2) have initated the European eXtreme Data and Computing Initiative (exDCI) (see Figure 1 for an overview).


Climate Science in the European HPC ecosystem

Figure 1: Climate Science in the European HPC ecosystem (click for enlargement)


Placing Climate Science in the European HPC ecosystem

Represented by ENES, the climate community is collaboratiing and participating in all three funding pillars of the EU (as shown in the Figure 1). Together with the weather community, the Center of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE) could be initiated and will start in September 2015; the HPC Task force of ENES is exploring the feasibility to apply for dedicated access on Prace for highend experiments within the international CMIP6 experiments; and synergies are elaborated with the FET HPC project ESCAPE (Energy-efficient Scalable Algorithms for Weather Prediction at Exascale), initiated by the weather community.

Actors in the European HPC climate scene

Title Description
DKRZ Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum
ECMWF The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
ETP4HPC The European Technology Platform for HPC
PRACE Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe