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HPC for Climate

The optimal use of the available computing resources, does not only require optimized model codes and software environments, but also an optimal knowledge on political, technical and structural developments in the HPC ecosystem. Thus, collaborations and information exchange with Eurpoean HPC ecosystem is indispensable.

To foster efficient solutions for the increasing needs of computing power, ENES and its HPC-taskforce follow and inform on the developments in the HPC ecosystem; collaborations with the European HPC-infrastructure and with ICT companies are supported; and in the new European Center of Excellence ESIWACE (initiated by ENES) synergies with the weather community are exploited.

HPC ecosystem

Developments and status of hierachy and structure in the European HPC ecoystem.

HPC Task Force

ENES HPC Task Force (HPC-TF) organizes the community around HPC issues and gathers and expresses community needs.