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ENES and the HPC landscape

The increasing accuracy of climate models in temporal, spatial and scientific dimension demands an optimal use of latest High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures. The programming codes and communication patterns of the modelsystems must be optimized as to ideally use the range of currently and prospectively available HPC architectures. The end-to-end modelling workflow - from setup, over run to analysis - needs to make best use of the available HPC infrastructure in terms of temporal and functional means.

The required expertise and work in computational and programming science call for collaborations with the computer science community as to find solutions, which will represent the state-of-the-art in both domains: earthsystem modelling and computer science.

ENES and its HPC taskforce foster the collaboration of the climate community with the European HPC ecosystem:

HPC for Climate

ENES and its HPC taskforce foster collaborations between European and International institutions dealing with climate modelling and with the European HPC-infrastructure


ENES fosters the development of workflow solutions by organizing workshops and motivating information exchange on available tools and best practice.


ENES initiates and governs the evaluation and optimization of model code performance. Find here benchmarks, performance measures, tools and programming guidelines