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Welcome to C3Grid Support Center

    Workflows and processing functionality developed in C3Grid is currently being reused in the Miklip project. Also the bird-house project is currently working on integrating C3Grid functionality.

      What is "Collaborative Climate Community Data and Processing Grid" (C3Grid)?

      C3Grid not only offers services for uniform and transparent access to several distributed data archives of the German climate community but also data processing capabilities. Our aim is to establish C3Grid as an accepted common platform and toolset for scientists in their daily research work. In addition to this, C3Grid disseminates general climate specific information from scientific environment to the general public.

      The development of fundamental C3Grid components within a first project was part of the German Grid Initiative D-Grid, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The existing infrastructure allows data browsing through distributed data archives as well as performing standard diagnostics on different computing resources.

      The overview descriptions of all available datasets (from all data service providers) are presented to the users. A user can request a particular data set via a central metadata catalogue shown on the portal. After the request is submitted, the relevant data is transferred to a local grid workspace, providing user´s access to a requested. If necessary, some preprocessing operations (like cutting out a special region or extraction a set of variables) are performed that provide accessibility of data to the users, for example by downloading etc.



      Figure: Usage of C3Grid for data discovery and analysis


      The ongoing work aims to extend the functionality by including more data and diagnostic workflows, which are of broad interest within the scientific community. One of the main topics is interoperability in the Earth System Grid Federation. The development of this infrastructure continues within the scope of the project "C3Grid - INAD: Towards an Infrastructure for General Access to Climate Data", which is funded by the BMBF and runs until 2013.